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Worldwide E Commerce Solutions

E Commerce solutions give you the ability to access a huge on-line market and offer customers endless possibilities to improve their experience on your website.

By opening up your market to on-line shoppers your business can increase sales dramatically and quickly reach more new markets.

International E Commerce Website

Global Online Sales Strategy

To obtain traffic from countries around the globe your website needs to be advertised to the appropriate locations.

Internet marketing techniques are carried out specific to locations, for example if you are using search engine optimisation to market your site then you will need to optimise against different search engines depending on each country.

You may find that optimising to Goggle will bring in traffic from different area’s but these users will reach barriers once they reach your website. In order to full optimise and target customers worldwide your E Commerce solution requires multilingual and multicurrency functionality.

Multilingual Ecommerce Interface

Multilingual E Commerce Interface

To make your website multilingual your web development company need the ability to translate the text and images within the website design to enable foreign language users to read the information on the site.

There are several ways of making your website multilingual as explained further in our multilingual E Commerce details.

Multicurrency E Commerce Solutions

A major factor with global E Commerce websites is accepting different currencies that are appropriate to your target countries.

We offer more information about how to integrate an exchange rate within your CMS to show the current price at all times to all user with our multicurrency E Commerce details.

Multicurrency Ecommerce Solutions

Global Internet Marketing

It’s important to research the most effective marketing methods in your target country and begin a campaign for each location in order to bring in the most amount of relevant customers.

Just one part of an internet marketing campaign targeting foreign language users will be to translate keywords for SEO and ensure that you are completely aware of local differences. We offer complete global E Commerce solutions with the multilingual and multicurrency functionality as mentioned above as well as full online marketing solutions to draw in traffic as soon as your website is live.

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