Remote IT Support For Business & Domestic Users

Cost Effective Remote AssistanceCost Effective Remote Support

Even the most careful of people can be susceptible to IT issues for a multitude of reasons. It can be the simplest thing from resizing your desktop too a malware (Virus) attack or even a hard drive failure.

We Can Offer A Helping Hand

Wherever you are and whatever your business, Fine by Design can provide specialist IT support to reinforce your business, or home PC, against IT mishaps. A large majority of IT issues can be resolved remotely using specialist software that allows us to connect directly to your computer.

Secure Remote Assistance

Secure Remote Connections

We use an industry leading secure support client to make the connection which uses a unique session ID and generates a new password each time it is used. A permanent password can be setup for users that choose to use our ongoing support package if required.

You Stay In Control

Once a remote connection has been made the technician has the same level of access as if they were sat in front of the PC. They are able to install any required software updates and generally fix most issues. You can view everything happening live time as we work and even terminate the connection if you wish.

Complete Confidentiality Guaranteed

We undertake work for 2 major Police Forces and other more sensitive clients. We have confidentiality agreements in place to ensure anything that is viewed remains private and out of the public domain. We also have agreements in place covering Intellectual Property and Data Protection so rest assured access to any information stored on your PC remains secure.

IT Support Is Just A Phone Call Away

You can generate a support request by telephone, email or using our live support system.

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